PGA MEMBER OFFER - Caltex Star Card

PGA MEMBER OFFER - Caltex Star Card

The PGA is pleased to announce a NEW alliance and PGA member benefit from Caltex - a PGA members StarCARD with significant savings off diesel, ULP and premium fuel.  This benefit is exclusive to PGA members and their families who operate a business (ABN required) and provides members with the following discounts on fuel. 

PGA CALTEX StarCARD Monthly Star Card fee $2.75. No transaction fees Rebates (these will be applied on your account and NOT at the bowsers) :

Diesel 11.00cpl off pump at all North WA National Truck Network sites; 7.00cpl off pump at all National Truck Network sites; 4.50cpl off pump at all other Caltex branded sites (Vortex Diesel) Petrol 4.00cpl off pump at ALL  Caltex sites. 

Here are some simple "how to steps" to help members register for a PGA Caltex StarCARD :

1. Go to the website link - 

2. Click Start Application 

3.  Application Type - click Please Select and choose from dropdown menu 

4. Do you have a Promotion Code - DO NOT tick (leave blank) 

5. Do you have a Referral Code - Tick and insert code (supplied by PGA head office) in top two boxes for Referral Code and the Referrer Member code 

6. Existing Account Number - leave blank unless you have an existing Caltex StarCARD account 

7.  You are then required to read and tick the 5 boxes before clicking NEXT 

8. Please complete the remaining fields in the application form noting mandatory fields must be filled in to complete the application form


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