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PGA Mission Statement

"To ensure the prosperity and long term viability of members, the agricultural and associated industries, by providing an effective voice statewide and federally through a financially sound, efficient, free enterprise organisation with strong leadership."

For several generations, Australian farmers have had the collective marketing of many of their commodities forced upon them by government regulation. The PGA supports a free market system, without Government inference to allow you, the producer, to obtain the top market price for your own private property. Statutory marketing and the distortion of markets by Government is increasingly under question around the world.

The evolution of information technology and the abundance of market analysis from around the globe is empowering producers of food and fibre. World wide consumer trends are dictating a much higher degree of specialisation in both production and processing of products and will make it increasingly attractive for specialist Australian producers to form direct supply links with consumers.

The PGA fosters this trend in the belief that deregulated production and marketing through individual enterprises is the key to future sustainability of Australian agriculture. Changes in commodity marketing have been accompanied by dramatic changes in public perception of farming and rural industries.

The Pastoralists and Graziers Association is structured to deal directly with the major commodity issues for producers and has well-structured Executive and Commodity committees to tackle the rapid changing events that effect your product.


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