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PGA Slams ACTU's Decision on Live Export



Western Australian livestock producers have slammed the ACTU’s unanimous support of a motion moved by the Australasian Meat Industry Employees’ Union (AMIEU) to end live exports, warning it would see unions cripple WA’s regional industries and supply chains.

“The ACTU’s claims that over 3,000 regional jobs will be created in abattoirs if the live export trade was phased out is yet another fallacy from the unions who are trying to seek relevance in regional Western Australia,” Pastoralists and Graziers Association President Tony Seabrook said.

“The live sheep export industry employs thousands of regional workers throughout the supply chain - from farmers and stock men and women, to dock workers and ships' crews. It underpins thousands of small businesses.

“Ending the industry will see unemployment levels rise to critical levels, and will bring enormous damage to many regional communities across Western Australia.

“Further, Australia is the world leader in animal welfare for the export of all animals for domestic and international slaughter, and is the only country that regulates specific animal welfare outcomes throughout the supply chain, both at home and in other countries.

“Banning live exports will only result in many thousands more animals being subjected to cruel treatment by other exporting nations that have little regard for animal welfare during export, including not having regulations that ensure adequate ventilations, humane stocking levels and the provision of adequate food and water on long haul voyages.

“The ACTU is once again showing the willingness of the union movement to turn livestock exports into a political issue to shore up inner city votes, and their disdain for the hard working farming families and regional workers of Western Australia whose livelihoods depend on it" said Mr Seabrook.



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