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Government Ignores WA Cattlemen - PGA


The  Pastoralists  and  Graziers’ Association of WA is shocked  at the Federal  Government’s decision to suspend all live cattle exports to  Indonesia, and believes  that a long term ban will  not only cripple the Western Australian cattle industry but destroy the livelihood of cattle producers, families and communities  in Northern WA.


“Having met last night with the Prime Minister in Darwin, I am extremely disappointed that the Government has taken this immediate action,” PGA President Rob Gillam said.


“Producers  have  been working  with the  Federal  Government  and  with  industry, including  as  late as yesterday, to come up with a plan to assure the appropriate safeguards are in place throughout the supply chain, including the PGA’s call for mandatory use of stunning.”


“This knee jerk decision has been made without any thought to the devastating effect a ban will have on the cattle industry in Western Australia, and whether compensation will be provided to the innocent families whose only source of income has now been removed.”


“While supportive of the Government taking action to improve animal welfare in Indonesian abattoirs, this hasty decision to suspend all cattle exports to Indonesia will destroy the livelihood of thousands of producers and their families,” said Mr. Gillam


“This  suspension  has  placed  WA’s entire $250 million  live export  beef industry in jeopardy, and will potentially create serious animal welfare and environmental issues in Australia if unaddressed.


“WA’s northern cattle  industry is  heavily  dependent on the  Indonesian market.   Mustering  is  already underway and if markets remain closed, producers, including indigenous owned stations, will be left with thousands of animals and no source of income,” he said.


“This will lead to over-grazing, lack of feed, and other animal welfare issues.”


“However the main issue will be the destruction of the lives of thousand of families in Western Australia who, through no fault of their own, face losing their livelihood.”



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