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CAMPAIGN ON LIVE EXPORT - Rachael & Alex's Story


For sisters Rachael and Alex Coole how their sheep are treated overseas is just as important as how they are treated on their family farm in Frankland River, Western Australia - so much so that they can’t understand why animal welfare groups are not working with the live export industry to increase animal welfare practices in developing countries instead of trying to stop it.


As Rachael and Alex clearly state in the attached pod cast:

"Instead of the Animal Activists trying to stall the trade, disrupt our family income and threaten the food security for our customers we need to try to work together to sort out these live export issues and assist us in the education for the overseas customers in animal husbandry and slaughtering practices.


So basically we are asking them to work with us not against us because for us our sheep are just as important and we care about our sheep just as much as they do."


Like many young farmers, Rachael and Alex know that the live export trade is essential not only in providing food for developing countries that do not have the refrigeration facilities for boxed meat, but also for Australian farmers as it creates competition within the sheep market, increases the number of consumers, and provides better returns for growers.  But most importantly Rachael and Alex understand that the best way to ensure that Australia can influence animal welfare practices in other countries is by continuing with the live export trade, rather that banning it.


Banning the live export trade doesn’t help farmers, doesn’t feed starving people, and doesn’t increase animal welfare practices in developing nations.  But supporting the live export trade does.


So please take some time to click on the following link and watch Rachael and Alex’s story - because it is their industry and their future that will be most affected by your decision to support or ban the live export trade.


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