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"Facts NOT Fiction" says PGA



Western Australian livestock producers have questioned WA Premier Mark McGowan’s latest message to farmers that instead of being angry at animal rights protesters they “demand higher quality shipping of sheep” as lacking a clear understanding of both the commitment to animal welfare outcomes and the value of the live export industry to regional WA.

“Live sheep exports are the cornerstone of the WA sheep industry, which contributes over $1.4 billion to the Western Australian economy,” PGA President Tony Seabrook said.

“There are approximately 5,250 sheep farm businesses in WA, which employs tens of thousands of workers - including stockmen and women, shearers, transports, feed suppliers, veterinarians, and stevedores to name a few.

“For the Premier of Western Australia, the nation’s largest exporter of sheep, to tell farmers that they should accept the views of those who are not only opposed to the live export trade, but to all livestock production, shows a dazzling lack of understanding of the importance of the live sheep trade, and is an insult to those whose livelihoods depend on it.”

“In addition, to imply that the shipping of sheep is not high quality is just fiction " he said.

“Australia is the world leader in animal welfare for the export of live animals for slaughter. Out of the more than 100 countries exporting livestock, we are the only country that regulates specific animal welfare outcomes for live export outcomes, and the only country that is investing in training, infrastructure and regulation to improve animal welfare outcomes both at home and overseas.

“I would encourage the Premier to consider meeting again with those who understand the facts about the live export industry, rather than listening to the propaganda from those activists who are committed to seeing its demise.  The Premier needs to personally witness the high quality of shipping and standards of animal welfare.” said Mr Seabrook.



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