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PGA Welcomes Government Response to McCarthy Review


PGA President Tony Seabrook commended the Commonwealth Minister of Agriculture David Littleproud for his role in bringing confidence back into the live export trade.

The recommendations of the McCarthy Review of Conditions for the Export of Sheep to the Middle East during the Northern Hemisphere Summer will give the industry a road map for renewal.

Mr Seabrook said "The McCarthy Review is a credible document, based on fact, and fully supported by accurate research carried out by Australian scientists, and as a result there will be changes to the way live export is carried out”.

“The Commonwealth Government needs to be allowed to get on with its job of implementing the changes.  What it doesn’t need is a State Minister flexing her jurisdictional muscles.  Minister MacTiernan needs to take a back seat on this one” said Mr Seabrook.

"The reduction in the reportable mortality rates for sheep from 2% to 1% is achievable and shows the continuous improvement the trade is capable of”.

Mr Seabrook said an Independent Observer on all voyages is already a model in use on certain fishery vessels, and it will allow the Australian Accredited Vet (AAV) to concentrate on their job, which is working in the interests of the exporter, ship and voyage outcome.

This will also remove the perceived conflict of interest that activists complain about.

Mr Seabrook said the transition from measuring the success of a voyage by mortality to the likelihood of sheep experiencing heat stress would bring significant improvement in animal welfare.

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