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Say NO to APC Broadacre Inclusion


The major campaign launched by the PGA this week is to inform Western Australia’s broadacre farmers, graziers, and pastoralists of the pitfalls of having their industry being included under the Agricultural Produce Commission (APC). 

Two weeks ago, WA Labor Agriculture Minister Alannah MacTiernan introduced the Agricultural Produce Commission Amendment Bill, which, among other significant changes, would remove the 20 year exemption of broadacre cropping and livestock industries from the APC.

The amendments will allow for the introduction of:

·         an open ended, State based Fee for Service that will duplicate existing Federal levies including MLA, GRDC, & AWI, and State Biosecurity Industry Funding Schemes

·         compulsory membership in a producer committee, with no guaranteed opt out provision; and, most concerning,

·         APC compliance officers who will be able to enter a farm or business and demand producers business records and receipts.

There has been no consultation with the majority of WA’s 7,000 broadacre farmers, graziers and pastoralists, or those industries already included under the APC, and no sound justification for the removal of the broadacre exemption, which WA Labor have continually opposed for over 20 years.

These amendments will allow for a small group of producers to allow the APC to conduct a poll to establish a committee which can introduce an annual, open ended State based Fee for Service that is payable by all growers of that particular product.

There is no clear definition of what constitutes a majority of producers in a poll. For example, in 2009, the APC ran a poll of tomato growers, where only 44% of eligible growers voted, with 85% in favour. This was deemed by the APC to be enough of a response to justify a fee for service on all tomato growers.

In addition, there is no guaranteed opt out provision under the amendments, only the possibility that under regulation a fee for service may be waived, refunded or reduced. Given that Regulations under the Act are specific to the committee being created, there is a possibility that one set of regulations for one particular commodity may allow for a refund, and another may not.

Even more concerning is the introduction of a new part to the Act that allows the APC to establish compliance officers, who will have the authority to direct a producer to produce all records pertaining to the production, processing, sale, or purchase, payment, or collection of a charge. These officers can enter onto your property without a warrant.

Tell your Member of Parliament that you oppose broadacre being included under the APC.


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