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PGA Expresses Deep Disappointment with Shadow Minister for Agriculture


PGA President, Tony Seabrook expressed his deep disappointment today at the decision announced by Shadow Minister for Agriculture Joel Fitzgibbon and called on the Federal opposition to allow due process to occur in relation to the review of the live sheep export industry.


“Minister Littleproud's McCarthy Review is due to be completed within a fortnight  and for political parties to be calling for the cessation of an industry is totally irresponsible,” Mr Seabrook said.


“For Western Australian sheep producers any diminishing of this trade would severely damage our industry.   1.7 million sheep worth $250 million are exported live from WA per year.  If this trade is shut down we will see a total collapse in sheep values and the incomes of all those involved.”


“The PGA supports the review initiated by the Minister for Agriculture and knee-jerk reactions are not the answer to the current situation.”


“The welfare of animals needs to be assessed on a scientific, evidence-based platform to ensure that reforms deliver long-term changes thus enabling a vital industry to Western Australian producers to continue,” Mr Seabrook said.


"What has occurred was not acceptable to our industry. It is now up to the agricultural industry to be united in promoting our industry, working with Government and the Export Industry to ensure reforms address animal welfare whilst economically protecting this vitally important and very valuable industry to this State,” Mr Seabrook said.




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