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Minister MacTiernan's Lead Role Welcomed by PGA


"Today's  announcement that Minister MacTiernan will take the lead in the pastoral tenure reform process is welcomed by the PGA" said PGA President Tony Seabrook.

The PGA looks forward to working with Minister MacTiernan on this process to achieve practical outcomes that can deliver meaningful results" said Tony Seabrook.

"Pastoral lease holders have limited rights to the land which they manage, and the PGA would welcome any practical, achievable proposals that will enhance pastoral lease holder’s security of tenure.

A well managed pastoral estate, where leaseholders are able to determine the most appropriate activities and management practices for that land is essential for the pastoral industry to continue to be a significant contributor to the State’s regional wealth.

The PGA is committed to working constructively with this government to ensure the best outcomes for pastoralists. 

Effective and meaningful consultation is critical for the long term future of the pastoral industry, and we are pleased to hear that Minister MacTiernan will take charge of this process" said PGA President Tony Seabrook.

According to Mr Seabrook, “Any reform needs to be driven from the grass roots, by people who have an intimate understating of the challenges and opportunities facing the industry.”

The PGA understands that effective management of the rangelands is a key component of any tenure system and will support appropriate and fit-for-purpose monitoring systems that will drive value for pastoral businesses.

The PGA will assess any pastoral reform proposal based on its merit and will not apologise for ensuring the best outcomes for its members.

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