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A new form of destructive intervention in agriculture is being devised by the Federal Government.


Something had to be done with the illegitimate offspring of the abandoned Carbon Pollution Reduction Scheme — carbon trading.  The Government has decided that agriculture should be the foster parent for the time being.


The glue that holds the new family together will be bribery.  Rather than farming to produce useful, innocent products demanded by consumers (such as grains, fibre and meat) farmers will instead be paid to farm the mirage of diminishing the presence of CO2 in the atmosphere.


The measurement of the disappearance of a trace colourless gas is going to present difficult problems for the government which will be best solved if farmers grab the money and forget the technicalities.


How many farmers take the bait is open to question.


What is certain is that even if adopted in their entirety, the Government’s plan will make no difference to the atmosphere or the temperature.  But just to make sure the adoption and necessary bribery proceeds in the correct manner (that is, buy the right votes in the right places), the Government, through the auspices of Mr Combet, is putting in place a Carbon Offsets Integrity Commission.


This is the same Mr Combet who is adamant that no new knowledge or information—such as the revelations in the Climategate emails, evidence of manipulation of raw temperature data by the Bureau of Meteorology, or even outright lying by Government agencies—should disturb the Government’s convenient belief in the Catastrophic Anthropogenic Global Warming theory.  Even a petition by the only qualified physicist in the Parliament, Dennis Jensen calling for a Royal Commission to examine the science behind the C.A.G.W. scare, continues to be ignored.  Can we be forgiven for thinking that this government is the last place to be looking to as a source of integrity?


Participating in a government programme that we know in advance depends for its success on artificially driving up the price of energy and food for every Australian and also reduces the competitiveness of Australian industry, is also the last arrangement that farmers should be sucked into.


It has been said that there are no illegitimate children, only illegitimate parents, but in this instance farmers will be better off and do more for their fellow Australians by leaving this one a ward of the state.


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