Chair -  Mr Locky McTaggart

Vice Chairman -  Mr Digby Corker

Policy Officer - Mr Doug Hall


The PGA represents the majority of pastoral leaseholders in the state, with our membership covering a diverse range of issues from the Eastern Nullarbor to Exmouth, up to Wyndham and many stations in between.  We are the peak producer body for Western Australia’s thriving live export trade.



The PGA has for many years been productive in negotiating with the State Government for a fair, bankable and secure model of land tenure which allows pastoral business to expand and create opportunities for investment for the future.  We continue to drive efforts to ensure that a model is agreed upon swiftly with appropriate consultation with our membership.



The PGA continues to strongly support the live export of cattle, sheep and goats and has national representation on the research and development bodies to ensure that the industry continues to evolve.  The PGA continues to work with live exporters and through this partnership we have successfully lobbied with both Federal and State Governments to generate support for the industry.



With drought conditions and wild dogs crippling traditional livestock production industries in the rangelands, the PGA has been very active in looking at diversification opportunities in the rangelands.  Some of this work includes greater efficiency in approvals for the use of groundwater and other infrastructure, as well as having critical input into the Southern Rangelands Advisory Group.



The PGA has long been actively involved in projects and awareness campaigns to create support for wild dog, camel, donkey, weed and other pest control.  We recently acquired funds to undertake a cost benefit analysis of a pastoral biosecurity fence and will continue to ensure that producers receive support in controlling crippling pests.



At the PGA we are of a strong belief that nobody looks after the rangelands better the living, breathing pastoralist.  That’s why the PGA are dedicated to ensuring that pastoralists maintain and strengthen their input into assessing rangeland condition and the PGA ensures that political and technical support is provided to ensure that the pastoral knowledge of the landscape is put to good use.

The PGA plays an important part in ensuring that pastoralism remains a key part of the social, environmental and economic fabric of the rangelands.  For more information on any issues on these pages, please contact the PGA for further information.



We value your opinion and would welcome feedback from all producers on our Aims & Objectives for the Western Australian pastoral industry.


- Foster policies which promote an open and competitive meat and livestock industry to enhance the long term viability of the industry.

- Encourage research and development initiatives which foster new technology and improve marketing opportunities for the meat and livestock industries.

- Foster the development of overseas trade through the support of free enterprise. 

The PGA has developed Objectives for both Western Australia (State Objectives) and Australia (National Objectives)

State Objectives

- Ensure that a secure land tenure model is achieved to enhance investment opportunities in the pastoral industry.

- Promote pastoralisms’ positive role in the management of a healthy rangeland condition.  

- Ensure that pastoral knowledge of the changing rangeland environment is acknowledged in relevant environmental plans.

- Engage with indigenous landholders on access issues and support their involvement in the pastoral industry.

- Create opportunities and streamline the process for pastoral diversification.

- Eliminate unnecessary bureaucracy which limits the freedom of individual leaseholders.

National Objectives

- To create awareness of the seriousness of the wild dog and other pests to harnessing the social landscape of the rangelands 

- To engage with indigenous groups on Native Title and negotiate access arrangements.

- Ensure that Government continues to support the live export of sheep, cattle and goats and that live export bodies have PGA input into policy decisions

- Be involved in Caring for our Country and other national funding programs to ensure that the pastoral industry is acknowledged as a critical component in ensuring a sustainable future for the rangelands through activities such as controlled burning, pest and vermin management and rangeland monitoring.


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